Principal Danton Beharry from Canada visit our school
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Principal Danton Beharry who come from our sister school in Edmonton, Canada paid a visit to our school from October 12 to 13. This has been his sixth visit to us. The purpose of the visit is to explore new ways of cooperation between our two schools. Pricipal Su Xuyong welcomed and met with the visitor at our middle school. At the welcome ceremony, Mr. Su asked Mr. Beharry to watch some videos made by our high school students. Both sides of principals think highly of our cooperation since the establishments of the sister school relationship. They also had a review of the visits between each other and gave the highlights and what could be improved for future revisits. Later they exchanges ideas about school managements and education systems in our two countries. Mr. Beharry thanked us for accepting him. He introduced Canadian relationships between schools and parents , as well as the governments. He then watched chorus performance at Jinan Art School by our high school students. He also went to our primary school to watch the opening ceremony of the school sports games. He thought so highly of our students who can speak very good English after he exchange ideas with them who had visited Canada in 2015 and 2016.

Mr.Su,third right,meeting visitors

Mr.BEHARRY exchanging ideas with our students

Mr.Liwei,third right,atthe meeting

our student giving

Mr.Beharry with our sports game winners

Mr. Beharry at the openning ceremony of primary school sports games

Mr.Su giving gifts to Mr. Beharry

Mr.BEHAARY giving medals to sports game winners