Liuping finishes overseas Chinese language teaching and promotion
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Our middle school teacher Liuping who has just finished the Chinese language teaching and mandarin promotion in Quebec, Canada for two years is coming back to work for our school in January 2016. Her teaching in Quebec was part of the job of mandarin promotion by the National Hanban of Confucius Institute. As one of the members of Chinese teachers sent by the national Hanban to Canada, Liuping dealt with a lot of problems in her life while teaching Chinese, and meanwhile she also has to gets to learn French from the beginning. She has been trying her best for the promotion of Chinese culture. At the school of  l'ecole de tremple, she makes some posts and advertisements of the promotion of mandarin on the newspaper of le droite. She offers the mandarin teaching for adults there. She designed the mandarin curriculum for beginners and the contents, including the Chinese culture of Pinyin, brush and paper cut. She organized an exhibition of Chinese culture in the blocks where there are most Chinese residents.  Bernard Dufourd, who is the director of the local department of education thinks highly of Liuping’s dedication of the promotion of Chinese culture and languages.